closest thing i have to a personal calendar is github issues


For one day, I might go back and read, all the things I thought were for a moment important.


Sometimes it comes easy. Sometimes it doesn't come at all.


When one is alone, the duality is completely inside oneself.  With someone else it becomes external between the two of them.


If we have even the slightest inclination to love, should we love?

The Only Question

It is one thing to do something.  It is another to experience it.

To Do or to Live

Am i one of these things.
The things that look back at me
They seem predictable
Then again i am too
In a different way
i wonder if they feel

the same things i feel
Do the details escape them?

I overthink


Liberation comes from the soil. A humbleness with the Earth. A search from within.


Things are what they are, and they are what they are not.

Meaning Comes From Comparision

Liberation of Self. Peace and Love.