Nicholas Ericksen

During the day I work as a Software Engineer doing front end web development work. At night I am a masters student at Manhattan College studying Electrical Engineering and doing research into polarization based target discrimination. Both my undergraduate degreee and current masters work was/is being conducted at Manhattan College. The college itself is nestled away in the north Bronx; isolated from the bustle of downtown, but not the hustle. The last stop on the 1 train proves the area to be a vein at the extent of the city limits. Van Cortand park provides an escape from the iron towers of Manhattan and is the third largest park in all of the five boroughs. This is one of the couple of places I get to call home.

Peace and Love.


The following document provides a summary of previous work experience, as well as other releveant information pertaining to future job oppurtunities.



Email: ericksennicholas@gmail.com

GitHub: nicholasericksen

Twitter: ericksenicholas