C a Day 3: A Histogram of Digits

A small program to count the number of digits, whitespaces, and other characters in an input string, and display the results as a histogram.

C a Day 2: A minimal wc

Character looping input and such to count words, number of lines, and the number of characters to make a minimal wc command similar to Linux.

C a Day 1: Farenheight to Celsius Conversion Table

Following along with "The C Programming Language" by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan, each day I will attempt to write a C program. Sometimes useful, sometimes...well.  To begin, an example from the first chapter of the aformentioned book, conversion from farenheight to celsius.

Crypto Advertising

As the battle between ad blockers and anti ad blockers grows, another avenue for monetizing webpages is offered in the form of browser based cryptocurrency mining.

Intangible Value

As players are drafted onto sports teams out of there respective university, disussion surronds their strengths and weaknesses.  Various metrics are used to gauge the potential of players in offense and defense positions.  The term intangible is used to describe traits that a player may posses which are not quntifiable.  This idea can be extended to other areas as well.

OpenCV is down with B,G,R

Python can be used to read and manipulate image data for feature extraction. OpenCV is a popular library that has its basis in the Cplusplus community, and is now available as the `cv2` python module.  You can install it on Mac using `brew install opencv`.

The Ones and Zeros of Numpy as np

The numpy (Numberical Python) package is a faster alternative to native python lists.  The numpy data types have been integreted into a number of opensource libraries, including OpenCV and the machine learning toolkit SciKit Learn.

One of the joys of using numpy (and Python in general) is that the simpler things of life are not forgotten.

The Feeling of C

C is a pivotal language in the world of computing as it provided one of the first higher level languages, over assembly, for controlling computers.  Its close relationship to hardware makes it a language that has wide spread applciation and can be found implemented on a number of different platforms.  

It is fast, lean, and is close to the metal.  Its beauty is debated, its usefullness undisputed.