Crypto Advertising

It is now 2018 and many of people who are considered to be a part of a generation that has not existed without internet (iGens or whatever) is as tech savy as ever. The truth is the web is a place built off of advertising. All one has to do is look at Google to see that ad tech is a big money maker in the online world. The truth is though that none of the younger generations are clicking on ads anymore. And no I do not have numbers to back this up, but it only takes asking someone under the age of 30 (generous here) whether they would ever click on an ad, to realize its a dying marketing strategy. Sure youtube can force you to watch 30 seconds of an ad before you get to see your content, but adblockers are making that a thing of the past as well.

There is an ongoing battle between adblockers and anti adblockers that is nothing sort of a small scale war. That is if war is defined by two parties fighting over some monetary outcome. Each is determined to outsmart the next. Last year we saw the rise of extensions that purposefully click on ads programatically while blocking ads to the actual end user experience. This costs money for the people who are purchasing that ad real estate, and essentially getting nothing in return.

But if bread gives laughter, wine gives happiness, and money gives everything, surely the net could not exist without advertising companies some money by selling ad space right? Well regardless of the answer to this question it seems clear that the current internet ad model will have to change.

The mining of cryptocurrencies in a users' browser has been getting some bad press lately. Certain websites are malicously opening small web tabs that mine crypto currency in the lower portion of your screen, behind some native desktop feature, without your knowledge. And I agree this is malicious. To mine without letting the user know, or consent.

But what about cookies? Websites have long presented disclaimers to users stating their intent to save a small piece of user information in order to improve their browsing experience on the site. Heck the EU is even making it a requirement this year to neccisitate users to click the 'Ok' on these disclaimers in order to use the site. Why not something similar for crypto mining in browsers.

In exchange for a small portion of your CPU, which most users are probably not using anyway, websites could deliver an ad free experience, while still paying the developers who are delivering a service to the end user. It is unobtrusive, non malicious, and would require the users consent. It is after all 2018.

Luckily the good people over at CoinHive are already working on this, and more information can be found